3D Video Mapping in the Agostinian Monastery of San Michele

On the occasion 140th anniversary of the Foundation Mach, a great celebration with a 3D video mapping show on the ancient walls of the Augustinian Monastery of San Michele, historically center of the Agricultural Institute now Mach Foundation. Created by digital designer studio Apparati Effimeri and realized in collaboration with Immagini e Suoni.

For the experts, here the technical details: 2 video projectors 16K AL overlapped and an additional 18K video projector, all installed on site TRUSS LITEC QX30

Bray Collections, Absolut Joy and Sexy Woman Lights, sounds – Pictures and a lot of emotion.

Another occasion for Immagini e Suoni to demonstrate strong creative and technical teamwork and support. We created visual effects with dynamic projections in sync with the soundtrack of the show and the movements of the catwalking models. The collections have been wisely lit with the right intensity for readability but without polluting the evocative atmosphere. The live sound system was calibrated according to the various moments of the event: from a pleasant comforting background music for the welcome till the animated explosion of the show.

Opening Ceremony of Varignana Palace Resort & Spa

Extraordinary opening ceremony of Varignana Palace Resort & Spa; an elegant and luxurious resort located in 20 hectares of parkland on the Bolognese hills. The facade of the historic building, decorated as an original seventeenth-century holiday residence, built in 1705, was the surface for an impressive 3D mapping show.

The bas-reliefs and the ornamental elements were highlighted by the lights and the forms with unusual creativity evocating a visionary atmosphere between past and present.

The mapping narrated to the guests the history of how Varignana, a medieval village became the location of a luxury hotel.

To make possible a mapping of such complexity 4 Full HD video projectors of 20,000 ANSI lumens managed by a digital Pandora’s Box system have been used. Accurate sound system made the screening more emotional. After the show the facade was illuminated by powerful lights that change color, to maintain a special dreamlike atmosphere.

A collaboration between:

Immagini e Suoni – Apparati Effimeri – Laboratorio delle Idee

SWITCH – Bologna changes energy

Immagini e Suoni, SRI Group and Apparati Effimeri designed and built for this event an interesting 3D mapping on the facade of D’Accursio Palace at Piazza Maggiore.

A highly technological performance dedicated to emphasize the city’s multimedial initiatives for an innovative urban synergy. A prestigious scenery for an announcement, which uses cutting-edge 3D mapping techniques on architectural structures for promotion and presentation.

For the experts, here the technical details: 2 Full HD projectors from 20,000 ANSI lumens managed by a digital system Pandora’s Box, combined with an adequate sound system considering the characteristics of the site to reach a perfect and emotional experience.

D’Accursio Palace, Bologna

Opening Ceremony Varignana Place Resort & Spa

Amazing 3D mapping show created for the opening ceremony of Varignana Palace Resort & Spa, an elegant luxury resort located in 20 hectares of parkland, on the Bolognese hills.

Light On, Officine (SV)

… Jugglers, mime artists, writers and a free-climber  that just like Spider Man somersaults on the walls of the Shopping Mall Officine of Savona … and at the end a special virtual Fireworks Show. Light effects created by Alessio Guerra designer for Immagini e Suoni; event organized by Cominicattive.

Bray, Steve Alan, Absolut Joy, Sexy Woman Fashion Shows

Stylish post-psychedelic digital scenography designed by VJ Leonardo of Paggio for this fashion show. A lighting system studied in detail for the event illuminates with the right intensity the clothes presented around STUDIO 40 at CenterGross. The wisely calibrated live sound system masterfully completed the atmosphere. Audio, Video, Lights and Immagini e Suoni, location STUDIO 40

Launch of new Mini Paceman

A site specific image warping projection. Video spots, images and slogans of the coolest sport coupe have accompanied the “discovery”. The atmosphere was completed by live DJ music. Audio, Video, Immagini e Suoni; Lights, HB Comm organization, Laviadimezzo location management

Laser Show, launch Audi A3 Sportback Audi Zentrum @ BO

Colorful laser show in sync with the soundtrack. High power lighted environment for breathtaking spectacle created February 17, 2013 in the AudiZentrum Bologna for the launch of the new Audi A3 Sportback. Event organized by HB Comm with Immagini e Suoni

Centenary CCC, Cicogna Ville

San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna. The Consorzio Cooperative Costruttore chose for location the beautiful and elegant Cicogna Ville, a historical palace from the 16th century, surrounded by a large park with centenary old trees to celebrate their 100th anniversary in a special contest. HB Comm event organizers and Immagini e Suoni amazed the guests by combining the sumptuous splendor of the past with modern architectural technologies. Dynamic light plays and shadow puppets accompanied the superb voice of Cheryl Porter and his Big Band, on a stage positioned under the imposing arches of the Villa.

The corner sponsors was equipped with an ad hoc lighting and plasma 103” monitors.

Virtual Hostess

Projection of a virtual hostess at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, at the Festival of Science 2009.